Uusi konsulttifirma iGaming alalle Eurooppaan

Englannissa on havahduttu siihen, että nettimaailman eri kasinot tarvitsevat asiantuntijuutta, ja sitä on tarjolla eri maissa, esimerkiksi Englannissa. Nyt Nick Harding, englantilainen alan ammattilainen on laittanut pystyyn konsulttifirman Spray Lakes Consultancy, joka mahdollistaa kasinoalanammattilaisten palkkaamisen projektikohtaisesti.

Uusi Spray Lake Consulting tulee toimimaan myös kauppapaikkana organisaatioille ja eri tahoille liiketoimintakauppoja ajatellen. Yrityksen ajatus on koota saman sateenvarjon alle paljon osaamista henkilöistä, jotka toimivat oman alansa osaajina omissa yrityksissään, eivätkä siis siirry suoranaisesti tämän uuden yrityksen palvelukseen, ainoataan verkoston käytettäväksi.

Original news at iG Casino news:

UK gambling industry specialist Nick Harding, has launched a European industry talent pool.

Nick Harding

Harding, a highly-respected personality in the UK gambling industry, has got together a group of C-level consultants and service providers under the name Spray Lakes Consultancy. It is a specialist digital hub of specialists who can be matched with companies seeking the help of consultants on a temporary basis.

The specialists can be hired on a temporary, part-time or consultative basis, including as non-executive directors.

Spray Lakes will also serve as a digital market place for organisations and individuals seeking to buy and sell businesses.

Harding said: “We are putting together a group of experts in the European gaming sector, all working as individual consultants in their own right. The strength of Spray Lakes is in our ability to ultimately provide the right person for any project, in any country. The Spray Lakes Consultancy is designed to be the ’go to’ place for anyone looking for specialist support.”

Harding added: “We can also put together a team of experts who can go into a business, analyse it, report to stakeholders on a number of levels and if necessary, pick up the reins and run that operation. The website also has a dedicated section for service providers to the European gaming industry with links to law firms, accountants, compliance providers, security providers, designers – infact the full gamut of specialisms a business could require. Ultimately, it’s all about delivering one-stop shopping for relevant expertise.”

Harding believes the response to Covid-19 has crystallised the need for Spray Lakes with organisations faced with significantly diminished or non-existent revenues forced to reduce headcount and as part of that process strip-out expertise. “As someone who has run numerous businesses of scale, I know only too well the balance between controlling costs and remaining competitive and relevant. This is where the help and advice from a third-party expert, for maybe only two or three days a month, can be so cost effective.”

Nick Harding is a 40-year veteran of the gaming machine industry, latterly CEO at Praesepe, the Gauselmann-owned chain of adult gaming centres in the UK.